Fully funded PhD position in the disaster response field (computer vision/photogrammetry/drone technology)

Dear colleagues,

a few months ago I advertised a fully funded PhD position for an H2020 project in the secure society domain (topic SU-DRS02-2018-2019-2020: Technologies for first responders) called INGENIOUS. The PhD project is called “UAV/drones to support first responders, using advanced computer vision and machine learning”. We need someone with a solid background in the geomatics or robotics, ideally with excellent expertise in computer vision and photogrammetry, and very good programming skills. The candidate we offered the position to unfortunately had to withdraw, and there was no ideal alternative among those who applied, hence I need to re-advertise. If you can think of a suitable candidate please forward the attached flyer. If you have a suitable mailing list at hand please also forward this note.


Since the project starts very soon the application deadline is already on 3 September. Interested applicants can apply on the Uni Twente vacancies page.

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