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The teaching staff mainly consists of members of the academic and research staff of the Civil Engineering Department. In some specialized courses, academic staff from other Greek universities participates, while there is a constant and succesful effort to invite well-known scientists from universities abroad for lectures.

The Department of Civil Engineering is housed in several buildings of the School of Engineering of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. The total area of the Department’s facilities covers about 7000 m2, from which 4000 m2 are occupied by laboratories. The courses are given in appropriately modulated spaces equipped with all modern audiovisuals.

Postgraduate students have access to the educational computer center which is located in the Department’s wing in the building of the Polytechnic School and consists of a full network of PC’s. Furthermore, the postgraduate students have at their exclusive disposal a second computer center specially configured for the needs of the Department’s post-graduate programs.

A departmental Library with a specialized facility to support the postgraduate studies program is at the disposal of the postgraduate students.

Antiseismic Design of Structures


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