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Academic year 2003 - 2004

Post-graduate Student

Title of MS Thesis


Varelas Fotis

Pilot application of the final 2004 plan of the new Greek code for structural interventions applied to R/C structures. (Abstract)

Kappos A.
Vasiliou Olga

Evaluation of EC6 regulations for simple structures in reference to antiseismic computations. (Abstract)

Ιganatakis Chr.
Giaralis Agathoklis

Adequacy check, based on inelastic ways of analysis and proposal for reinforcement strategies for an old industrial building, adding a new underground parking. (Abstract)

Mitsopoulou E.
Gogos Nikolaos
Mixailidis Konstantinos

Adequacy check of industrial building and reinforcement strategies. (Abstract)

Avramidis I.
Goulas Konstantinos

Evaluation of existing 3-storey of R/C building based on the new Greek code for structural interventions. (Abstract)

Stylianidis Κ.
Kagiannis Apostolos

Earthquake design of composite frames and study of inelastic response. (Abstract)

Αvdelas Α.
Kolitsi Efthimia

Study of the seismic response of ground formations and evaluation of seismic induced loads for the Thessaloniki subway. (Abstract)

Pitilakis Κ.
Kouinelis Konstantinos

Displacement based design and earthquake design of R/C building with dual system of frames and infill walls. (Abstract)

Κappos Α.
Kostinakis Konstantinos

Evaluation of existing buildings based on the new Greek code for structural interventions. (Abstract)

Κappos Α.
Papadopoulos Stefanos

Consideration of residual strength of ground in evaluating seismic induced movement of slopes. (Abstract)

Τika-Vasilikou Th.
Papaloizou Loizos

Study of inelastic response of two brick buildings with and without reinforcements. (Abstract)

Μitsopoulou Ε.
Papamanolis Georgios
Tsourekas Athanasios

Influence of directivity in the response measures of two horizontally coupled ground motions. (Abstract)

Αthanatopoulou- Κyriakou Α.
Saxinidis Vasilios

Seismic isolation of the right wink of the national Library. (Abstract)

Penelis G.
Tsitlakidou Athanasia
Fanouli Lemonia

Parametric investigation of design factors in truss telecommunication masts. (Abstract)

Baniotopoulos Ch.
Fotaki Vasiliki

Foundation and ground influence on the dynamic response of a building damage during the Leykada 2003 earthquake. (Abstract)

Pitilakis Κ.
Chatzitheodorou Nikolaos

Measurement of shear-wave velocity through laboratory testing. (Abstract)

Τika-Vasilikou Th.

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