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Academic year 2002 - 2003

Post-graduate Student

Title of MS Thesis


Dimitrakopoulos Ilias

Earthquake resistant design and assessment of earthquake response of curved high-bridge with seismic isolation. (Abstract)

Kappos A.

Eftixidis Sokratis

Study of existing R/C building, designed with previous codes according to contemporary codes. (Abstract)

Ignatakis Chr.

Kakderi Kalliopi

Assessment of seismic risk of Thessaloniki harbor. (Abstract)

Pitilakis K.

Kateris Ioannis

Influence of spatial variability of seismic motion of the dynamic behavior of R/C bridges. (Abstract)

Pitilakis K.

Manou Dimitra

Assessment of elastic displacement spectra and velocity spectra based on theoretical analysis aimed at improving the proposed soil categories of the E.A.K. 2000 and EC8 codes. (Abstract)

Pitilakis K.

Mitoulis Stergios

Parametric investigation of earthquake response of bridges with prefabricated beams and continuous deck. (Abstract)

Τegos I.

Mitsarakis Christos

Response of scaled wall model under cyclic loads.(Abstract)

Μanos G.

Mourelatos Ilias

Study of existing R/C building, designed according to a previous network of codes (1954-1959-1984). (Abstract)

Stylianidis K.

Oikonomou Themistoklis

Study of the earthquake response of column whorls in monuments. Application to the Acropolis of Lindos. (Abstract)

Pitilakis K.

Ouzounis Athanasios

Simple numerical evaluations of the influence of infilled walls in multistory buildings under earthquake motions. (Abstract)

Μanos G.

Papavasiliou Dimitrios

Numerical investigation of the response of steel masts for the telecommunications. (Abstract)

Baniotopoulos Ch.

Papatheodorou Stergios

Evaluation of the Hydraulics Division Campus building and check of the adequacy of various intervention strategies with a use of inelastic static analysis. (Abstract)

Stylianidis K.

Paraskeva Themelina

Earthquake design and evaluation overpass bridge. (Abstract)

Κappos A.

Platsoukas Konstantinos

Stiffness indexes for soil-structure interaction. (Abstract)

Μanolis G.

Rovithis Emanouil

investigation of variability of the dynamic response of R/C buildings through changes in geometry and ground foundation parameters. (Abstract)

Pitilakis K.

Taflanidis Alexandros

Investigation of passive and active water column dampers. (Abstract)

Μanos G..

Tzanavaris Athanasios

Dynamic spectral analysis and design of monolithic bridges with hollow boxlike cross section. (Abstract)

Τegos I.

Founto Marlen

Earthquake response of composite 4-storey building. (Abstract)

Bisbos Chr.

Chroni Aglaia

Alternative reinforcement of multistory building with passive energy absorption system. (Abstract)

Penelis G.

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